Coke vending machines CHEAP!

We are letting them go due to the sudden illness of the guy selling them.

Click any pick for a larger version...

I do have some newer pictures too with the newer models that are left.

Fronts are mixed, but many, maybe all, have the newer Coke with ice cubes pictures!!


(I believe most of the ones left have the newer darker background with ice cubes and a can of Coke. {see the last three photos of the machines below.})  The graphics stand out well as they are lit from inside and the ice cubes really make you want a cold soda!!!



I started taking the paint off of this one with GOJO hand cleaner and almost finished in 30 minutes...

Cleans up with orange Go-Jo!!

This is how they come from Coca-Cola...

defaced by Coca-Cola with various spraypaints....NO PROBLEM!

This is where you put stacks of 30 cans or bottles or 60 cans (doublestacking)...

6 buttons feed 420 cans (or 210 bottles) from 7 stacks!!!

With door open you can see the dispensor and the compressor..

Compressors work great!!!

Coin mechanism..

Coin mechanisms easy to clean with soap and water!

Easy to set the price however you like..

Set any price you like, from 5 cents to over $1.50!!!

Here's another type with a different front

and a couple of views

of the sides

Click the pic and check out another great opportunity!

Hollywood Pop machines, another great opportunity!

Coke, full sized vending machines. (Vendo 420)  As low as $300.00!! Take them all price.  These are the ones Coke took off routes when they started putting in the bubble front machines.  I bought them all in running, cooling condition.  I had some friends selling these when their business closed due to a sudden illness.  These machines, if new, cost $4,000.00.  I've been selling them in the $500.00 - $1,000.00 dollar range!  A friend who sells Coke and beer signs, machines and collectables said if he was selling one, he'd put no less than $1,500.00 on each one cleaned up.  I'd rather sell them faster for less.  All replacement parts are still available and cheap.  We had replacement locks and keys for them all but they were misplaced in a move.  Traditionally when vending machines switch hands the locks are removed anyway as each owner wants their own locks with their own keys no one else has.

Now we’d like to sell these machines fast so we are offering an unprecedented free freight with a take all, or a $1,000.00 shipping allowance if you use your own truck or rent one and come and get them!!!  We would prefer you to get them yourself or arrange shipping.

24 will fit on one Bobtail (half a semi 24 ft truck) with no crating! You can fit all on just about a half a semi load.   The best way to move these machines is to just rent a lift back truck from Penski, Ryder or Budget like we've done for about 60.00 a day, (I think Budget is more like 39.99 a day plus mileage) and do it with a couple of buddies.  Located in Buda, Texas, (just south of Austin)  One machine $450.00. 2-3 machines $400.00 each.  4 or more, $350.00.  Take them all price, $300.00 each!  (Actually, with the shipping allowance if you get them yourself, they are something like 258.00 a machine!!!)   Free shipping is only for the take all.  Please ask me about the condition of the machines if you are unsure.  We tested every machine as it came off the truck for cooling and all the compressors kicked in and cooled right away.  They might need new bulbs, stickers, decals or other inexpensive parts.  Even if any need a bigger parts, I priced the machines so extremely low so that you could get any parts you need and have money to spare.

The machines dispense cans or, we believe, bottles. 

The machines need to be washed.  (Every once in a while any machine needs to have its lower parts brushed off with a whisk broom, then you can hose them off.   And you can just pop out the coin mechanisms and wash them in warm soapy water.  The machines need to have the marking Coke puts on them when they take them off routes cleaned.  Coke paints over their logos and we've found it comes off with inexpensive GOJO hand cleaner (that orange stuff you get car grease off your hands with)!  Some machines have one or two holes drilled in the front panel and you might want to replace those particular ones with new Plexiglas if you are displaying them where someone wants a nice pristine machine.  This is a great deal if you want to increase your route, or start one or just clean them up and sell them one or a couple at a time like I've been doing.

Hurry, these wont last at this price! By the way, the ones I have left are the newer models with the Coke on a dark background with Ice cubes etc. fronts.  (See the last three photos of the machines.) Real nice!  We believe there are 24 of them.  If there are 23 instead, we will refund for one machine as soon as we are notified of the count.


Thanks, CJ